As The World Turns

The Hemet-San Jacinto Valley lags behind. But don’t worry, the local Real estate market is looking more and more rosy every day.

Home sales are up, as are prices. There are two reasons for home prices to be moving forward. The first is low inventory. Right now, is the time to get you home on the market if you need to sell. The second is interest rates – still unbelievably low. Although interest rates are still low, and inventory is down, prices are not going ballistic. The movement in price seems to be steady, but realistically slow. This is probably because of the still sluggish overall economy. Although better, it may take tie to completely heal.

Wow! Have you noticed the commercial activity? New buildings and lot sales all over the area. This is a great sign that the economy is at least feeling better. A lot of new construction, yet many existing buildings are still sitting vacant. Remember, we have gone through 12 years of rough times. It’s just going to take some time to clean up all the open commercial.

Subdivision land is still dead and will remain that way for a while. The reason is simple, there are hundreds of finished lots and maps left over from the last upswing. Builders are building new homes, but they are also being very careful. They do not want to get ahead of the game and be stuck like in 2006.

I feel todays’ real estate buyer and user is much more attuned to the market than ever before. Remember that saying, “Once burned, twice learned”? That’s how today’s buyer is looking at things. Please keep me in mind for your Real Estate needs. I would love to be able to help you.

Onward & Upward

Great news on the radio this morning. Americans are overwhelmingly happy with the economic improvements. Unemployment is down. New jobs are being created. Parents in huge numbers are starting to believe their children may live a better lifestyle than their own.

In the Valley, home sales are brisk and priced are still on the rise. A very low inventory is still a large reason for the price increases. Homes on the hillside are still somewhat slow in selling and prices have not moved up as much as in homes on the valley floor.

Land, Wow! We are finally selling land – at least, commercial frontage land. Subdivision land is still slow as there are a large number of finished lots being built on. Rural land is also starting to move. Commercial buildings can also sell, but still at a reduced rate. Vacancy factor is just too high.

If you want to sell, I can help. I have already closed three commercial lots on Florida Avenue this year and have another in escrow on Stetson next to the old Kmart. No one sells more commercial properties than a local agent. I know Hemet! Give me a call (951) 314-4326.

5 Reasons WHY You Should Consider Commercial Property in Hemet, California!

# 1 – Because opportunity knocks!  Located within driving distance to the mountains, the desert and the ocean; as well as major metropolitan centers such as San Diego and Los Angeles, Hemet has seen a steady up-tick of new residents over the past several years thanks to more affordable housing –  58.8% less expensive than San Diego and 61.1% less expensive than L.A.*   Given the savings, this trend is, not surprisingly, expected to continue.  Pair that growth in population with a local commitment to provide an atmosphere that fosters a good quality-of-life, and we anticipate an ever-increasing demand for small businesses, residential service providers, and professionals who provide medical, legal and financial services.  Whether you are interested in purchasing commercial space for your business OR renting commercial space to others, there is incentive to buy in Hemet.

#2  – Because you have choices!   From turn-key businesses to commercial office & warehouse space not to mention vacant lots and large tracts of land, Hemet offers options for purchase or lease at a more attractive price than many other population centers in Southern California.  You may also find many community & local business leaders, eager for additional economic development, more-than-willing to offer advice and assistance as you settle into the community.  Allow Michael J. Culton to be the first one to lend a hand.

#3 –   Because we have experience!  At Michael J. Culton Real Estate, we specialize in commercial properties and subdivisions; and have the local market knowledge to help you find the property that suits your specific needs at a price that fits your business plan & budget OR makes sense – as in dollars & cents- for your return-on-investment.  No matter how small or how large your commercial needs, our knowledgeable real estate agents are attentive account handlers and expert negotiators who always advocate for your best interests. From 1000 square feet storefronts to huge tracts of land, plus everything in between, we broker exceptional deals.

#4 – Because you have local support!  From General Contractors to Skilled Workers, Hemet boasts a thriving community of service providers which, according to statistics, is a whopping 13.52% of the population. * That means you should have no shortage of licensed professionals to assist you with new construction OR a build-out of existing space.   With over 40 years of real estate experience, Michael J. Culton Real Estate can help you tap into local resources for assistance with construction, licensing, permitting, and more.

#5 -Because Hemet is a community on the move!    With a nearly 50-50 split between family and non-family households with the bulk of residents between the ages of 25 and 54 with children and the elderly rounding out the dynamic, Hemet boasts a vibrant and active population with more new residents expected to follow.   With many eschewing long commutes to larger cities paired with an anticipated future job growth of nearly 40% * Hemet shows all the signs of becoming a self-sufficient economy that spends its dollars at home; which of course, is good for your business.




* Statistics cited according to Sperling’s Best Places, a website ( created and maintained by author and researcher Bert Sperling. It offers information about cities and zip codes in the United States including climate, economy, population, demographics, education, cost of living and employment.