As The World Turns

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The Hemet-San Jacinto Valley lags behind. But don’t worry, the local Real estate market is looking more and more rosy every day. Home sales are up, as are prices. There are two reasons for home prices to be moving forward. The first is low inventory. Right now, is the time to get you home on … Read more

Onward & Upward

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Great news on the radio this morning. Americans are overwhelmingly happy with the economic improvements. Unemployment is down. New jobs are being created. Parents in huge numbers are starting to believe their children may live a better lifestyle than their own. In the Valley, home sales are brisk and priced are still on the rise. … Read more

5 Reasons WHY You Should Consider Commercial Property in Hemet, California!

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# 1 – Because opportunity knocks!  Located within driving distance to the mountains, the desert and the ocean; as well as major metropolitan centers such as San Diego and Los Angeles, Hemet has seen a steady up-tick of new residents over the past several years thanks to more affordable housing –  58.8% less expensive than … Read more