Onward & Upward

Great news on the radio this morning. Americans are overwhelmingly happy with the economic improvements. Unemployment is down. New jobs are being created. Parents in huge numbers are starting to believe their children may live a better lifestyle than their own.

In the Valley, home sales are brisk and priced are still on the rise. A very low inventory is still a large reason for the price increases. Homes on the hillside are still somewhat slow in selling and prices have not moved up as much as in homes on the valley floor.

Land, Wow! We are finally selling land – at least, commercial frontage land. Subdivision land is still slow as there are a large number of finished lots being built on. Rural land is also starting to move. Commercial buildings can also sell, but still at a reduced rate. Vacancy factor is just too high.

If you want to sell, I can help. I have already closed three commercial lots on Florida Avenue this year and have another in escrow on Stetson next to the old Kmart. No one sells more commercial properties than a local agent. I know Hemet! Give me a call (951) 314-4326.

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