As The World Turns

The Hemet-San Jacinto Valley lags behind. But don’t worry, the local Real estate market is looking more and more rosy every day.

Home sales are up, as are prices. There are two reasons for home prices to be moving forward. The first is low inventory. Right now, is the time to get you home on the market if you need to sell. The second is interest rates – still unbelievably low. Although interest rates are still low, and inventory is down, prices are not going ballistic. The movement in price seems to be steady, but realistically slow. This is probably because of the still sluggish overall economy. Although better, it may take tie to completely heal.

Wow! Have you noticed the commercial activity? New buildings and lot sales all over the area. This is a great sign that the economy is at least feeling better. A lot of new construction, yet many existing buildings are still sitting vacant. Remember, we have gone through 12 years of rough times. It’s just going to take some time to clean up all the open commercial.

Subdivision land is still dead and will remain that way for a while. The reason is simple, there are hundreds of finished lots and maps left over from the last upswing. Builders are building new homes, but they are also being very careful. They do not want to get ahead of the game and be stuck like in 2006.

I feel todays’ real estate buyer and user is much more attuned to the market than ever before. Remember that saying, “Once burned, twice learned”? That’s how today’s buyer is looking at things. Please keep me in mind for your Real Estate needs. I would love to be able to help you.

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